Thursday, April 10, 2014

Tip of the Day-1(How to clean silver utensils)

Hai friends from now I am coming with tips.Tips really help us a lot to solve some kind of problems and save money and also time.Today I am coming with one nice tip how to clean silver items.This item is very useful to everybody.I am using this tips from 2 years its really worked for me.I hope u also need this tip.

Items needed:

Aluminium foil
Baking soda
Big bowl/basin


First take the required amount of water in a pan and make it boil.(Cover with lid so that it boils quickly)

In the mean time we have to cover the bowl/basin with Aluminium foil.

Now place the silver utensils properly and sprinkle required amount(mostly the utensils should be covered with baking soda)

When the water starts to boil immedietly pour the water in the bowl as shown in the pic.

Within 2 minutes u can see the change.Carefull takeout the utensils and make it dry by wiping with the cloth